ModoSmart is specialized in the design and development of devices which bring connectivity and intelligence into objects and appliances with which we interact on a daily basis, such as radiators and air conditioners. Our devices allow us to monitor and control our environment in an easy and effective way. The core advantages of our devices are the following:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING – They are equipped with presence detection and environmental monitoring functionalities, so that they know if and when a space is being occupied and can monitor its status.
  • INTELLIGENT ALGORITHM – They use intelligent algorithms to learn our habits and needs and autonomously control the environment.
  • INTERNET OF THINGS – They use Bluetooth Low Energy, a widely known low power wireless communication standard. This results into small devices, easy to install, interoperable and with a long battery time.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – The data is collected and stored on the cloud, where it is analysed in order to provide the user with statistics as well as recommendations for further optimization.
  • MOBILE ACCESS – They can be accessed from anywhere with a simple web application.

The large experience that ModoSmart’s co-founders have on IoT, R&D, Lean Manufacturing and Embedded Design guarantee quality and robustness of the monitoring and control devices and short time-to-market.

If you need more information on the devices we have developed please get in touch with us.