ModoSmart has been created to answer the challenge of living in a comfortable environment and at the same time reducing energy bills. Our solutions consist of smart connected devices which introduce intelligence and automation in basic operations constantly executed in our daily life, such as heating, airconditioning and lighting.


Our core principle is to implement cost-effective solutions which are extremely easy to use and install and which intelligently operate in background during our daily work and personal activities. Our solutions are based on wireless communication technologies which minimize the installation complexity and do not require cables. We use only devices which retrofit current appliances and do not require any change in your existing installations and equipment.     


  • Different rooms are heated, airconditioned or illuminated based on their use. No energy is wasted.
  • You can set the temperature or control lights and appliances with your smartphone even when you are away.
  • You can monitor your home and be constantly aware of your energy consumption.
  • The system knows when you are coming back home and sets the temperature before you arrive.


Heating, air-conditioning and lighting affect different places of our daily life, whether we are at home or working. But the need remains the same: increase comfort, reduce energy consumption. Our solutions are designed for different use cases, such as:

  • Rental properties. It is complicated to keep home energy expenses under control when renting an apartment or house, especially for places rented for short terms like days or weeks. The guests are not the ones who pay the bills and often they are only concerned about their own comfort without controlling the energy waste. With our solutions this will no longer happens because temperature, lights and appliances are automatically controlled based on presence at home. You can also be in control of the rental place when being far away.  
  • Office buildings. Comfort is crucial in workplaces as it impacts health and productivity. But too often this is translated into high energy costs for the office owner or building manager. Meeting rooms are heated or airconditioned when nobody is in, people leave the office without switching off radiators, air-conditioners or appliances. With our solutions you can provide comforts to your employees while drastically reducing the energy bills.
  • Private homes. We spend much time at home and we want comfort. But achieving comfort means energy waste, or often we are not even able to completely achieve comfort. With our solutions you don’t have to trade off anymore.

Our solutions are equipped with dedicated smartphone applications ready to address specific needs and functionalities depending on the use case.