The only system for
smart heating and cooling
designed to empower B&B owners

What It Does

Activates heating and cooling only when the guests are in their room

Monitors the status of your B&B and controls heating and cooling from far away

Can limit the hours of use of heating and cooling and, if you like, changes on a per-usage basis

How It Works

1. Attach little wireless devices to your radiators, air-conditioning splits, doors and windows.

2. Use the ELIO app for owners to manage the reservations and to monitor and control your B&B

3. Tell your guests to use the ELIO app for guests to improve their experience with heating and cooling during their stay

How it helps?

It avoids unnecessary energy waste and lowers the bills

It provides the owner with useful statistics to optimize the business

It is an attractive tool to improve the guest's comfort

Start saving money and improve your B&B business